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Press the chat / talk (by default 't') button to use a command. After pressing the chat / talk button type the command and press enter.
PLEASE NOTE: mc2 will not allow you to drop items on the ground. If you want to remove an item use /removeitem or clear your inventory with /ci

Command Description
/help This provides information on the available commands.
/who Lists the players currently logged-on the server.
/ci Clears your inventory, cannot be undone, also can be typed as "/clearinventory" if you can be bothered.
/removeitem Clears the currently selected item stack from your inventory, cannot be undone.
/trustreq [message here] Requests a trusted user to come help you. Ex: "/trustreq HALP I WNT ADMINSSS PLSS!!" /tp [Player] Use to teleport you to the location of another player.
i.e. "/tp bob" will teleport you to where bob is.
/i [ID](:damage) [Amount] For spawning items.
You can use item names like dirt, stone, glass or their item IDs.
You can find the item IDs here.
i.e. "/item 1 64" and "/item stone 64" would give you 64 blocks of stone. Optional :damage, such as log:2 for birch.
/warp Gives a list of available warps. (This has been outdated and replaced by stations)
/warp [warp] Warps you to a saved position on the map. (This has been outdated and replaced by stations)
/sethome home_name Sets a home called home_name (or whatever you chose) to your current location.
/home home_name Takes you to your home position named home_name. If home_name not specified shows list of homes.
/rules Lists the rules of the server.
/intro Gives you an introduction to the server.
/report Used to report problems with other users.
i.e. "/report Someone has griefed my hotel!"
Please do NOT report asking for Admins to do stuff. You can request day by saying "day please admin" once in-game or you can talk about other Minecraft, other games and plugin requests at the joe.to forums.
/blacklist Provides a list of items that are forbidden.
/search Searches for the item ID of 'name'.
i.e. "/search wood" will bring up item ID's for wooden items.
/trust Provides instructions on how to receive trusted.
/amitrusted Tells you if you are a trusted user or not.
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